August 28, 2011

outfit of the day 3

all in the details

(Forever 21 top and jewelry, American Eagle jeggings, Teen Vogue messenger bag, Madeline Stuart Sandals

Funny how as I'm starting to prepare my wardrobe for the fall, summer comes creeping in during August, haha not that I'm complaining of course! (: Here's another crop top I try to break out whenever possible because (if you haven't guessed already) its intricate, floral lace detailing makes me reach for it every time. Another thing I can't get over is my messenger bag, which came from Teen Vogue as part of my paid magazine subscription (it's actually why I even bought it in the first place!), and despite the "passable" quality (the sides are starting to tear from the weight caused by the pulling of the handles, but it's nothing a little sewing up can't fix!) I just can't enough of its beautiful mint green color- I love that it adds a splash of color and brightens any outfit. Paired with my sparkly Madeline Stuart sandals, I am ready to go... to the farmers' market that is! I've been working there at one of the food stands for a while now and I really love being in the lively environment there, selling yummy food (not to mention eating it!) and everyone's just looking to have a good time, so Saturday's are always something I look forward to. Hope you all have a fantastic (and safe) week! xx

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August 21, 2011

outfit of the day 2

got this feeling that you cant fight

(Papaya top, Hollister tank top, H&M shorts, Madeline Stuart sandals, handmade bracelet, ? backpack)

Just a quick post before I go study for two tests and then head off to catch up on my sleep if I want to even be the least bit awake for school tomorrow. (I swear, whose idea was it to have students wake up at freakin' 6 in the morning?) This outfit is a variation of what I wore on my first day back to school; the only difference is that I wore jeggings and shoes to keep warm and comfy against the cold weather that day. I'd actually been searching for the perfect crop top this summer and never actually found the perfect one until I laid my eyes on this one-of-a-kind beauty. I love that its oversized yet fitted, warm and comfy. I matched it with my bright pink shorts, which were actually from the kiddies section at H&M (and they were marked at half the price of similar ones at the front of the store, so a word of advice: If you have a petite frame like me, visit the children's section once in a while because you can really spot some great finds at bargain prices!) Another thing I just have to mention is my backpack: I have been searching for one of these canvas backpacks since forever and I love mine so much that it actually makes getting up at 6am worth it... yep, it's that amazing.

Thank you to all my new followers! 

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August 13, 2011

steve madden ‘trouser’ oxfords in floral multi

Remember these shoes in my last outfit post here? Well I could not resist doing a post on them because of how much I love these babies. I got these while I was out shopping at Macy's the other day because they were having a huge shoe sale so I decided to take a look and honestly, I almost gave up my search because the atmosphere was just in fact an organized chaos: to have to find a size 8 shoe among the rest of the size 6's, tripping over heels left on the floor by someone else, and constantly having to be careful not to bump into the next shopper frantically trying to search for the shoe was not the most pleasant experience. Steve Madden flats (that I only semi-liked... I couldn't pass up this opportunity!) in one hand, I'd chalk it up to just having bad luck this time around and dejectedly walk up to the cashier to make my purchase until I see a pair of vintage-like floral oxfords amidst a pile of other shoes and it was shoe love at first sight, oxfords and vintage florals- in my book that's like that 2 for the price of 1 since both have been on my wish list for a long time now and not only that, they were actually the only one left in my size! Was it fate? Yeah I think so. (; Typical shoe story yes, but we all know it is the greatest feeling in the world to find that hidden gem and you bet those shoes didn't leave my hands until I got home. In terms of wearability they are so comfortable with its soft buttery leather, and the extra height that comes with the 1-inch heel is a plus for me! With that said, I would love to hear about your own experiences with finding you know, that shoe- feel free to share in the comments below!

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August 10, 2011

outfit of the day 1

Just as free as my hair

(Papaya dress and cardigan, Forever21 belt, Steve Madden shoes)

With what seems to be the only moderately hot day left in the summer before fall comes creeping in, I took this as an opportunity to dress myself in basically what is considered to be the epitome of summer clothing: sheer fabrics, flowy dresses and all that jazz. There's just something about crisp white pieces that will always have a place in my wardrobe and just screams to be fancied up with a couple of accessories here and there, but I think the dress with its sequined ruffle bow neckline and lace detailing along the bottom speaks for itself. The cardigan was a recent buy that I actually got for quite at a deal for $5 so I was extremely happy feeling like I had snagged upon gold and it is a piece I can see I will be getting a lot of wear out of as I plan to transition this piece into fall. Just as I will always be a fan of summer whites, you will almost never find me in an outfit complete with a floral accessory, hence the floral belt and oxfords.

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August 7, 2011


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel
Welcome to my personal style blog; here’s to exciting new adventures in fashion! 

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