October 30, 2011

outfit of the day 7

falls perfectly into place

(Forever21 shirt, Urban Outfitters jeans, Forever21 top, Teen Vogue messenger bag, Coach sandals)

Wow, October really flew by fast and so much has happened since then. I know this is late, but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the creative genius that was Steve Jobs and his incomparable contributions that really allowed technology to evolve like never before. It makes me feel really proud to just live in the present moment because to be honest, I depend on Apple products so much, so when I first heard the news, it really hit me hard but he will be always be remembered in my heart for continually pushing the limits to make even better discoveries... Rest In Peace: Steve Jobs
On a fashionable note, I'm excited to have been receiving more emails than usual lately about blogging related things... one of which was a new online marketplace called "the cools" which I was invited to be a private beta member of! I'm really excited be a part of this growing fashion community and this concept of buying and selling in a place that's customized for your style. Sign up to be on the email list here so that you'll be the first to know when it's open to everyone! 
Also, we can't forget about today's outfit and one that has to be my most favorite look on the blog, which is pretty funny considering that it all kind of came together by accident yet complements each other so well! So I got both the shirt and top at a Forever21 sale while out shopping last weekend at my favorite and I believe one of the largest, shopping mall which basically has all my favorite brands as outlet stores all under one roof... you really can't get any better than that (: I really wanted something different and it took me hours before I finally stumbled upon this vintage-like, chiffon top in a light raspberry shade I adore. As I was painstakingly (it's really almost impossible to find one that's in perfectly good condition and the perfect size among piles of clothing add dozens of other shoppers bustling around) trying to find my next item to fulfill the "buy one get one free of equal or lesser value" sale. The next thing I found was was what I thought to be a sheer cape garment... but actually turned out to be a skirt. But hey, it didn't look so bad as a cape but decided it wasn't worth the money if I couldn't wear it for its real purpose as a skirt since it was too large. After another hour of searching, I found a white chiffon top that even though was a bit on the large side, was immediately sold when I saw the pretty detailing along the front, neckline and sleeves. As I was putting together my outfit today, it didn't hit me until later that they were both look amazing paired together! Add a pair of Urban Outfitters jeans my mom get for me a couple of days ago and neon blue Coach sandals also from my mom and you get what I call: new vintage! 
To end this super long post, I just wanted to wish those who celebrate the October 31 holiday a Happy Halloween; plans to catch up on fashion blogs and cozying up with hot cocoa are on my list and maybe even go trick-or-treating! (;

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  1. cute!!!! i love it. chic and casual :)


  2. cute outfit, especially the jeans

  3. So cute! Loved it!


  4. i really love this light pink button up with the mint green cross body bag! very cute and adorable
    hope you can enter our giveaway to win something free :)
    love kat