November 11, 2011

american apparel warehouse sale

Took advantage of the Veteran's Day holiday today and (despite the rainy weather) hit the American Apparel warehouse sale the second time this week for more amazing deals! When I first heard of it, I literally had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming that this high street fashion brand would be marking their coveted items up to 90% off since they can be a bit pricey. Nevertheless, I was amazed at their wide range of trendy, stylish and vintage collection and spent a good three hours there scouring every rack of the store to return home with a bag full of amazing clothes at amazing deals!  And if it wasn't anymore obvious, documented this day with a so-called app known as Instagram that I now have a slight- okay maybe a huge- obsession with (;

1. front entrance to the store
2. sale flyer
3. inside shot of the massive shopping area
4. cream corduroy long sleeve button up
5. black crop top w/ orange detailing
6. dijon mustard circle vest
7. sheer lace top
8. American Apparel bag

Have an amazing weekend! xx
p..s- Thanks for all my new followers! We made it to 70+! 100? (:

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