December 21, 2011

sweet sixteen

Hi everyone! Today is an extra special post for me because not only is this my 16th blog post, but I've also recently turned 16 and as I'm typing this, I've just reached the 100 followers mark on my blog!  This is an extremely huge accomplishment for me, so you can imagine that it was the best birthday present I could've ever asked for :) So thank you to each and every single one of my followers and those of you who take the time to stop by to hear what I have to say- you all motivate and inspire me to keep on blogging and doing what I love to do! <3 And that is why I'm sooo very excited to announce..... 
an upcoming Ellen Tracy giveaway!
... featuring a gorgeous piece I really love- I won't reveal too many details now, so you'll just have to stay tuned for my next post! ;)
Speaking of holidays, I know we're all no stranger to just wanting to stop yourself from throwing your hands up in frustration with a mile long list of tasks in hand; from trying to buy presents for a never-ending list of family and friends, cooking and putting up pretty decorations to travelingit's a wonder we can still keep our sanity and piece of mind intact! And sometimes in the midst of it all, we can forget the real joy of Christmas and New Year's Day, so here's a friendly reminder to stop and take a moment to relax and enjoy this magical time of the year with family and friends

 H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S ! 

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