January 23, 2012

outfit of the day 9

Set fire to the rain

(H&M top and sweater cardigan, Lina purse, Hollister jeggings, Converse sneakers) 

Hi everyone! I hope the start of the new year has been treating you all well! Although I have to say that for me, it's honestly been one heck of a whirlwind (and this freezing cold, rainy weather doesn't do it a whole lot of justice either) for many reasons. Despite the more hectic at times when I just wanted to just scream and shout because I couldn't take it anymore, looking back I'm so grateful for everything that happened because it's taught me some important lessons that I want to share with you all as friendly reminders on one of those days. The first being that nothing will ever always go the way you planned. When you hit those little bumps in the road, look at it straight in the face and say so what? I'm not afraid of you because when you start fully embracing it and all that it has to offer, you'll see that they are really lessons in disguise meant to help you be your best self and bring you one step closer to achieving your dreams. The next time you start doubting yourself, remember that friends and family will always be there for you every step of the way. Start making your new year's resolutions a reality. Believe in yourself and dream big because the sky's the limit & anything is possible. 
On a more fashionable note, I'm guilty of wearing this H&M sweater cardigan one too many times, but when it's so perfectly oversized and warm, how can I resist? Though I admit that even though I wasn't a huge fan of the neckline before, now I just can't get enough of the unique touch it adds to a classic wardrobe piece. I am also loving this gorgeous top in a beautiful salmon/cream and the fact that it is a combination of a turtleneck and quarter-sleeves makes me happy knowing that I won't have to stuff it in the back of the closet come following seasons... yes, you can say I am a tad bit obsessed. Also, I've been growing out my hair for a while now (since my first outfit post here when it was a lot shorter) and I'm so glad that it's now finally long enough to be able to be put into a bun, so I am definitely excited about experimenting with different hairstyles! Oh and did I mention how fabulous these gold-studded Converses are? :)
p.p.s- Wow! Thank you so much to IFB for featuring my motivational mood board! You can check out the feature here and the post here! <3

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January 1, 2012

a new year: 2012

Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has flew! Just half a year ago I started my blog and ever since, I have never looked back; it has brought so many positive changes in my life & from day 1 it has continued to motivate, inspire and excite me every single day. I would never trade all of this- the blog, all the hard work put into it, the fun experiences, and most importantly, the people I met along the way- for anything in the world because I can happily say it has made me who I am today. And of course, I want to thank you all for being there every step of the way with me- I can't wait to share another year full of even more amazing opportunities and experiences!
So to ring in the new year, I wanted to share with you all a motivational mood board I've created of what I hope to achieve this coming year! I want to thank IFB from the bottom of my heart for not only creating this inspiring project but for all the support and guidance you give to the tremendously fast growing but closer than ever fashion blogging community, one that I'm proud to call my second home :)
With that said, bring on 2012 & Happy New Year! 
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