March 26, 2012

chictopia x free people "spring bloom"

(Abercrombie & Fitch jacket, H&M asymmetrical top, Urban Outfitters romper, Hollister cardigan, Steve Madden oxfords, H&M necklace)

Hi everyone! I hope the first weeks of Spring are treating you all well! :-)
I am so excited to share with you all that I am participating in the Chictopia x Free People "Spring Bloom" contest! We were asked to wear your favorite spring outfit inspired by one of your favorite spring 2012 trends and tell them why our spring 2012 pick is a spring wardrobe essential. This is the look I created & here is what I said:
"There’s something about Spring that makes me feel all tingly and good inside… maybe it’s because it’s the season before summer when days are longer, the sun shines brighter, birds chirp away at the crack of dawn or that flowers are beginning to bloom. For this look I wanted to go for a unique piece that would showcase the joy of spring, and what better way to do that than with florals prints. Anything resembling this feminine print are an essential in my spring wardrobe because I love the way it adds a soft feminine touch to any outfit and still stands out. To complete this “Spring Bloom” vibe, I paired my lace romper with pastel shades and finished it off with a chic statement necklace."
If you have a moment, it would mean a lot to me if you'd take the time to vote by liking my picture HERE!
Thank you for all your help and support! x 

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  1. Really fabulous outfit!! Love it :)
    Btw lets follow each other