September 28, 2012


Blouse Hollister, Leggings Pacsun, Sandals Kelly & Katie, Turquoise and Caicos Essie Nail Polish

Since junior year of high school started for me a month ago, I've had my hands full in projects, homework and tests. Thank goodness it's Friday and the end of the first grading quarter in the semester because I can now finally sit down and spend time on my blog which (truth be told) I've neglected for far too long. Lately I have been obsessed with wearing polka dots. I picked up this blouse and leggings when I went shopping in Milpitas, CA a couple weeks ago. I love the small and subtle print that makes for a flirty and feminine look. To go along with the natural, relaxed vibe of the look I thought I would try my hand at creating a side braid. I found this look on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. It's almost like the short hair version of the milkmaid braid.

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  1. Aww, you are too cute. Just found you. Love your hair!