December 31, 2012

∞ 2013 ∞

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Going back into what the essence of this blog is all about: style moodboards (hence the name), I thought what better way to record my New Year's resolutions than to create a visual collage of my dreams + goals for the upcoming year. Especially when reflecting upon my last moodboard (which was published on IFB!), I now know for a fact that "to see it is to believe it."

Some of the highlights of 2012 were investing in a DSLR camera and being able to inspire others with my vision and photography, keeping my head held high and smiling through difficult times and of course, having this little, near and dear place in the World Wide Web to share my passion of fashion/writing/design and continuing to grow as an individual. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

With 2013 only a mere few hours away, I can't help but feel excited about a brand new start. It seems like that with every passing year and making these resolutions, it'd be easier to pinpoint exactly what I want to achieve, but it's not. I think it's super important to set SMART goals for yourself, but at the same time not so specific that you only have this one mindset: everyday is a new adventure and anything can happen. 

Having said that, my focus (in no particular order) for 2013 is to:

+ see the beauty in everything
+ save up on big investments I truly love
+ create more DIYs
+ surround myself with positivity
+ experiment with my style
+ hone my writing skills
+ do yoga
+ bake
+ get lost reading a book
+ celebrate achievements, no matter how small
+ explore the city
+ get back to creating fashion sketches
+ eat healthy
+ say yes to new things and people
+ stay fit
+ continue to develop the blog and reach a larger audience
+ dare to be different
+ let go

Here's to a prosperous, healthy and happy twenty thirteen! 

XO, Linda

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